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Angel Number Guide

Want to get into Angel Numbers? Don't know where to start? Here is a simple guide to the world of Angel Numbers. Are you looking to unleash the magic of Angel Number jewellery? Angels send messages and signs, down to us on Earth and Jewellery scripted with special angel numbers.

Have you ever looked at your phone randomly one time to see 11:11? Or paid for your petrol and saw £44.44? As much as these, just feel like a random coincidence, there not! They are angels giving you a message. They're our Gaudian angels trying to communicate with you. It is believed that these are messages and signs from the spiritual realm. You might have one you see all the time!

To Unlock and use the powerful presence and potential of these angel numbers, its important you understand the basics. So, let me tell you!

111 or 11:11

The most popular angel number. If you encounter one as an angel number, use this opportunity to make a wish, set an intention, or manifest your dreams! You are receiving a 'keep going' message from your angels, guides, or ancestors, so at that moment the present and future are dynamically connected!

222 or 22:22

Alignment. Seeing 22:22 could mean that your angels are helping and guiding you to get where you need to go! 22:22 means in the moment you are exactly where you are meant to be!

333 or 33:33

The universe is telling you to move forward. 333 is intended to help you guide yourself to more self acceptance and self love. Particularly at times where you find yourself at life's cross roads and want to make the right decision.

666 or 66:66

Although some may fear six, because of religious associations with the Devil or demon figures, within angel numbers 666 has a supportive and compassionate meaning. If you're seeing this, don't worry! Sure, things may not always go according to plan, but with angel number six on your side, you know that you can choose how you want to interpret a situation, remembering that everything happens for a reason.

1234 or 12:34

A normal sequence, however could this be your angels counting down to your new beginning you've been wishing for? This angle number is full of positive energy and coming your way is fresh and happy new start.

You may have you favourite, or one you have been seeing a lot recently? But wearing angel number jewellery can be a powerful reminder of the connection that we have with the spiritual universe whilst also bringing comfort and reassurance during life's up and downs! Get yours today and see which ones resonate with you.


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