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Have a Sneak Peak of our Collections Dropping this Year!

Are you someone who believes in the magic of numbers? We're dropping 12 stunning new angel number bracelets. These bracelets hold a unique significance as they hold spiritual and cosmic meanings. Which one resonates with you?

Why not celebrate your birthday in style? Life Charms new birthday bracelets are just what you need to elevate your gift! These bracelets come with unique charms, to help you celebrate your special day in style. We now have gold designs for our gold lovers!

Life Charms' new collection 'Especially for You' is a range of 36 necklaces and 36 bracelets that are exclusively designed for you! Every piece in this collection is unique. From elegant necklaces to stackable bracelets, this collection is sure to exceed your expectations. This collection has endless styling opportunities, gold, silver AND two tone designs!

Available to order from the 2nd of February! Don't miss out.


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